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 4 Signs It’s Time to Remove Your Above-Ground Pool

When it’s a hot summer in Maryland and Pennsylvania, there’s nothing like a refreshing time in your pool to beat the heat, unless above-ground pool removal is necessary. Ignoring the signs of a damaged above-ground pool can be dangerous and hamper your overall enjoyment. If signs of wear are prevalent, it might be time to remove your above-ground pool.
In this post, we’ll look at signs that indicate it’s time to replace your above-ground pool and why it’s important. We’ll also go into why using a leading hauling service like Tyler’s Hauling can help you get the job done in time to not mess out on enjoying the summer.

4 Signs You Need to Remove Your Above-Ground Pool

Pools are a central aspect of the home, a place for relaxation and family time; this is why you need to pay attention when it’s becoming a potential hazard. If you or your family notice these signs of pool deterioration, it’s time to start planning for replacement.

Cracks and Damage Become More Noticeable

A few dents or cracks are not the end of the world, above-ground pools are durable. However, above-ground units are more prone to accumulative damage over time, more so than underground units. If you begin noticing damage accumulation occurring all over your above-ground pool, you should look into replacing it. Over time, these damages will compound, threatening the integrity of your pool and the safety of those within. If your pool is in bad shape, above-ground pool removal might be the best option.

Rust and Wood Rot

Both of these are more than just damage, they are clear indications that your pool structure is being compromised. Many above-ground pools are built with steel to make them sturdy and resilient, which is excellent, but they can still falter due to rust or metal erosion – especially after harsh weather. It’s the same with the wooden components. If these support structures fail, the whole unit is compromised. One clear sign that you need above-ground pool removal is if the inner sections of your pool look rust-stained. This is indicative of advanced wear that may be more cost-effective to replace than repair.

Maintenance Problems

If your pool is becoming harder to keep clean and maintain in working order, it’s probably at the end of its lifespan. While durable, constant use, cleaning chemicals, and natural wear and tear will simply make it more difficult to keep the above-ground pool functional. What’s more, prolonged use may have noticeably warped your above-ground pool – wouldn’t you want a fresh, clean-looking pool instead?

It’s Just Time to Upgrade

Maybe your family has grown or you just have ambitious pool party goals – all of a sudden your above-ground pool seems cramped. If your pool is too small, this makes it harder to enjoy, and it can potentially be dangerous and prone to accidents. Odds are, if you’ve thought this and started looking for new pools, you might have shrugged off replacing your pool because above-ground pool removal looks too hard or expensive. But that’s not true at all, with the right service.

7 Reasons Professional Hauling Makes Above-Ground Pool Removal Easy and Cost-Effective

Before you start thinking about removing your above-ground pool yourself, stop! There’s a better way. Instead of doing the work yourself, working with a top-rated hauling team gives you a timely, inexpensive way to remove the pool and all its components, and dump it all for you. All with a low removal fee. Here’s why this offers you a great deal.
  1. Above-ground pool removal presents significant challenges – including demolition, transport, and disposal. These are all things that Tylers Hauling is equipped to do for you. All the work is counted in a single service, for a single above-ground pool removal fee.
  2. If done properly, pool demolition can be very dangerous and result in damage to your land and property. Merely hacking it to bits and pieces poses many safety hazards. Hauling specialists like Tyler’s Hauling are trained and experienced to ensure that you, your family, and your property remain safe during the removal process.
  3. Pool removal requires special tools and safety equipment, including saws, sledgehammers, dumpsters, and excavation equipment to deconstruct and haul away the components. Tyler’s hauling brings all of the necessary tools to the project to ensure that your above-ground pool removal is completed efficiently. Our goal is to return your space to you as soon as possible so you can replace your above-ground pool and get back to enjoying summer.
  4. Transporting the different components of the pool can be very strenuous and time-consuming, especially without a large enough vehicle. At Tyler’s Hauling, we use our own transportation trucks to remove all your junk in a single trip.
  5. Disposing of the above-ground dumpster in pieces can be expensive and wind up costing you local dump fees. Remember, above-ground pools have posts, wooden decks, filters, aluminum siding, and components that all need to be removed and disposed of properly. This also takes a lot of time in addition to any specific dumping fees associated with each junk type. At Tyler’s Hauling, we take care of all this for you, all you do is relax and let us get to work! And did we mention that we don’t charge extra for gas or dumping fees?
  6. If you’re worried about the cost of hiring a professional junk hauler to come in and remove your above-ground pool, don’t be. For one thing, service providers like us at Tyler’s Hauling offer extremely flexible rates that only count for the removal of your junk. Deconstructing the pool is part of the job.
  7.  In the end, by letting the experts handle your above-ground pool removal, you get time back in your hands while avoiding potential injury. This gives you both time and cost efficiency!

Tyler's Hauling is Your Source for Above-Ground Pool Removal Now

Removing your old, or damaged above-ground pool is a crucial first step to a bigger project – enhancing your summer with new space or a new pool. Start it off right by getting the proper removal experts involved, now. At Tyler’s Hauling, we bring both experience and savings to your pool removal. Not only will we make your above-ground pool removal efficient, but our flexible rates will ensure that you are getting a great deal. It all starts by calling us at (443) 547-1008 or getting a free quote for your above-ground pool removal. Then, we take it the rest of the way.   Get a Free Quote for Above-Ground Pool Removal Today!