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When It Comes to Hot Tub Removal, Which Method is Best?

Stop! Before you remove your hot tub, read how to do it safely and responsibly. Spoiler alert, it’s a job better left to the experts.
Hot tub demolition and removal mis not your average job. The reality is that it can be complicated, dangerous, and cost you more time and money than you are prepared for. There are key things you need to bear in mind before even attempting to remove it yourself, but realistically you’re not going to want to. Let’s go over the best methods for hot tub removal and why it’s best to hire seasoned professional removers to do the heavy lifting.

The Process of Hot Tub Removal

As mentioned, hot tub removal requires a lengthy process. If you’re unprepared or ill-equipped it can pose multiple risks for your home and well being. Here’s a detailed breakdown.

Have Help

For starters, never remove a hot tub alone, as the demolition and removal process involves multiple steps, tools, and heavy objects that could cause serious injury. It’s best to at least have 4-5 people for hot tub removal.

Prep Your Route

Before you even start hot tub removal, you must know how you will be moving the parts out of the location. You’ll need a wide path to allow adequate room for your and your help to remove hot tub components. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure any valuables or tripping hazards are out of the way as you move the hot tub. Based on your layout you may need to flip the tub on its side to remove it from the home.

Have The Right Tools

You’ll need gloves and safety equipment for electrical work, not to mention all the tools needed for disassembling the tub itself. If you are purely demolishing your hot tub, you’ll also need a saw if you need to cut the tub into sections for easy removal. Lastly, make sure you have a truck for moving the pieces and debris to an appropriate dump.

Disassemble The Hot Tub

Some hot tub units can’t be recycled or re-used, so you’ll need to take the whole thing apart.

Here’s a Rough Guide on How to Remove a Hot Tub

Bear in mind, this process can vary between models, so you’ll need to research manufacturer notes to ensure you follow appropriate steps.
  1. Begin by turning off the power supply. It’s essential that you safely disconnect the hot tub to ensure there are no fires or electrical discharges.
  2. If you haven’t already, you must drain all the water from the tub. Some sources recommend using a submersible pump to drain any remaining water from your hot tub.
  3. Once the water is drained, you’ll then disconnect electrical and plumbing connections. It is HIGHLY recommended that if you are not an experienced plumber, electrician, or removal specialist you do not attempt this.
  4. Then, remove all paneling and cabinets surrounding the hot tub for easy transport. You should be able to unscrew these sections with screwdrivers or drills. Some may also detach on their own.
  5. The most taxing and potentially dangerous portion of hot tub removal will come if you cannot remove the tub intact. You will need to cut the unit into smaller pieces for transport. Some movers recommend a reciprocating saw to shear through the tub’s shell, but only use this if you know how.
  6. Finally, you’ll need to locate an appropriate dump to dispose of the debris, or a recycling location if you would rather see the unit reused. Be sure to check with these disposal locations to make sure they’ll accept the tub parts. Depending on the facility, there may also be dumping fees attached.
As you can see, the entire process can result in serious injury if you lack the knowledge and experience for such an involved operation. What’s more, consider that lacking the skills, tools, and other resources required, the task will take and cost much longer than you may be prepared to handle.

So, What’s the Best Method for Hot Tub Removal?

The best and easiest method for clearing away or demolishing your old hot tub is by contracting seasoned professionals to do the task on your behalf. Removing hot tubs requires sufficient knowledge of interconnected plumbing and electrical connections in order to avoid unnecessary damage. Afterall, mistakes could cost you more money in the long run with repairs or potential injuries. Besides saving yourself time and damage, these professionals can do it in a fraction of the time you could – even with a few volunteers. And there is also the removal itself.
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Cumbersome debris left behind from the hot tub can’t just be thrown away in the everyday household trash. Besides having the tools and vehicles for the removal, moving professionals like Tyler’s Hauling usually contract with local dumps where hot tub remnants can be disposed of. This also means that you don’t have to pay any fees for disposal. All you do pay for is the removal itself. We also clean up after the removal once the job is complete, saving you more time and a tidy area.
So, ready to reclaim your space starting with removing that old hot tub? Tyler’s Hauling is your efficient, same day hot tub removal service at a rate commensurate with your exact situation. To get started, simply schedule a free estimate.