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Shed Removal and Demolition Is Not As Easy As It Looks

Shed removal and demolition are not as easy as they look! Learn why it’s safer and better to hire professionals.

One may think that shed removal and demolition are easy. Just knock down a few walls and cart the components off to the dump. But that’s not the case. The reality is that shed removal and demolition are not as easy as it looks! There’s a lot more labor and logistical components involved to where it’s not only safer, but better to use professionals. In this article, we’ll break down what’s involved with shed removal/shed tear down and shed demolition. We’ll also look at shed removal costs and how to consider the right shed removal services for your job. 

Let’s start by looking at why you should remove a shed in the first place…

Top 4 Reasons For Shed Removal

These are just a few reasons shed removal and demolition might appeal to you.

  1. Unused Space

    Nobody likes unused space, especially if part of your property is marred by an old, ragged-looking shed that’s just sitting there unused. The standard shed size is about 8ft x 6ft. If you’re not using the shed and it’s just collecting dust, then that is valuable space you are not taking advantage of. Imagine what you could be doing with the land were it not for the useless shed.
  2. More Opportunities

    Proper shed demolition and removal will give you multiple opportunities to enhance and enrich your property. From creating a garden in the new space to adding a different amenity like a pool, or even a new replacement shed, you have more to gain than just leaving an old shed up.
  3. Home Aesthetic

    Besides more opportunities for your home and family, there’s the cosmetic issue. Let’s face it, a nice home next to a rusted, beaten down old shed mars the home’s aesthetic. Quite the opposite with a new, fully functional shed.
  4. Safety and Home Protection

    Even more importantly that cosmetic reasons for shed tear down are the risk factors associated with old or worn sheds. For example, old wooden sheds are prone to rot and mold which can cause harm to those in or near the shed. These rotted sheds are also fire hazards to not only your property, but to neighbors’ as well. If the foundation of the shed is also compromised, whoever goes into the older shed, even just for a short while, risks injury or even building instability.

The Cons of Do It Yourself Shed Removal

While you can conduct shed removal yourself, it’s really not in your best interest. It’s physically hard and potentially dangerous, and comes with many hidden costs that you don’t get when using professional shed removal specialists. Here are some of the major cons.
  • Debris removal is labor intensive, unsafe to handle, and difficult to transport. Save yourself the stress and potential injury by using a team of professionals.
  • Removing a shed on your own can take a significant amount of time if you are inexperienced and/or working with little help.
  • Dumping can be problematic. Individuals generally can’t just dump debris anywhere. Depending on your location, certain rules must be followed and only a select amount of sites used.
  • Dump fees and recycling costs fall fully on the individual performing the self shed removal and dumping.

Besides having to do the work yourself, these costs can add up to offset the desired savings you intended by doing the job yourself. The better option for time and money savings on shed removal? Hire proven professionals.

7 Reasons Why Professional Shed Removal Companies Like Tyler's Hauling Are Your Best Option

Hiring a professional shed removal company ultimately gives you more value. With Tyler’s Hauling you simply pay for the service and don’t have to worry about all the planning and labor involved. You’ll actually save money and get a host of additional benefits hiring our team. Here are a few of them:
  1. Safer option – Our team professionals handle all labor and debris removal.
  2. Efficient shed removal – Tyler’s Hauling specializes in expedient service to give your space back to you ASAP.
  3. Job complete – The job gets completely done with no aspects left undone or having it done in stages as is often the case with a solo shed removal.
  4. Clean up – We won’t just remove the shed, but also clean the area up afterwards. This is included in our fee.
  5. No collateral mess – The way we work makes it so that the shed removal is not messy or destructive to other property.
  6. One flat rate  – The only thing you pay for is our work removing the shed – dumping included. There are no additional costs or hidden fees we charge.
  7. Same-day service – Once booked, our team will arrive on time and get the job done within hours.

How Do you Remove a Shed?

The short answer: a lot of hard work and planning, not to mention costs. There are a surprising amount of challenges, obstacles, and dangers involved with shed removal, not to mention, shed removal costs. Before we examine those though, let’s look at a few tools and methods individuals can use to deconstruct and demolish sheds, and the challenges these present.
  1. Sledgehammer – This is a great tool for taking down walls and simple structures. However, it’s very messy, tiring, and potentially dangerous due to flying debris.
  2. Chainsaw – A great power tool for cutting apart wood and more durable structures, but with the odd angles and potential lack of light with the shed, users are at risk of cutting and injuring themselves. Again, flying debris can occur.
  3. Manual pull down/tear down – Whether by hand or with the use of a vehicle and chain, you can tear down a shed manually or through motorized means. However, this is very dangerous both for individuals and property, and often delivers unexpected results. Shed removal requires heavy duty equipped vehicles to handle the weight.

Cost-Effective Junk Removal Near Me?

If you’re in need of cost-effective, expedient shed removal in Maryland and Pennsylvania, please consider Tyler’s Hauling for your removal needs. You can find all of Tyler’s Hauling service areas on our website. You can call us at (443) 547-1008 or book your free quote here.