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COVID-19 Precautions: We offer "No-Contact" Junk Removal and Hauling. Call for more info.


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Should I Use a Professional Junk Removal Company for Spring Cleanups?

When the weather warms up again and it’s time for a spring cleanup, go with the pros. Here’s why.

Whether you’re in a single or multi-family home or are a local business in Carroll County, Maryland, a Spring cleanup is probably inevitable. It’s only natural that you accumulate an array of yard junk and waste over the years. Or, maybe you’re moving out or into a new home with land that needs a junk haul or cleanup to prepare the property’s landscaping for development and expansion. Regardless, you need to clear your land in a way that frees your space and your time without being overly expensive. What do you do? The easiest and most timely option is to hire a qualified local junk removal company to tackle the Spring cleanup for you.

In this post, we’ll delve into why professional junk removal is your best option for effective Spring cleanups.

5 Reasons Why Spring Cleanups Are Important

Spring cleanups are very important for maximizing the full use and aesthetic potential of your home’s land. One of the leading benefits of a Spring cleanup is that your land gets a total revamp. After all, you can’t build if you are blocked by junk, weeds, and debris. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider a professionally executed Spring cleanout:

  1. Beautification

The first thing you want is the most obvious: a clean space. Having professionals remove all of the junk and waste from your yard or property, will help you maintain a beautiful space that you can then do more with. What’s more, professionals will remove all of your waste and clean up as they go, you can just relax and plan what to do with the space afterward!

  1. Land preparation

Any landscaping begins with cleared grounds. Whether you want to put in a pool, build a deck extension, or even start a garden, you can’t do it with old tree limbs or discarded junk in your way. If you indicate your intentions behind the Spring cleanup, professional crews like Tyler’s Hauling can clean in a specific way that best prepares the land for your landscaping goals.

  1. Pest removal Another benefit of Spring cleanups is how they can prevent common pests like bugs or rodents from cohabitating on your property. Things like fallen trees and discarded waste are ideal sites for an array of insects and other creatures that could do further damage to your property or health. Spring cleanups are great for your land and well-being all in one session!
  2. Lawn care If you prize a  green lawn or are sick of having to deal with weeds and shrubs that seem to clog your property, you’ll want a professional Spring cleanup. Equipped with proper equipment and trucks, professional junk removers can easily clear your land so that your grass can thrive – and in a fraction of the time it would take you alone!
  3. Atmospheric restoration

Spring cleanups don’t just leave the land visibly clean but also atmospherically. By removing unwanted plants and leaves, you reduce the chances of fungi accumulation that could threaten your health or that of your family and pets. If you have allergies, this can help remove plant growth that could agitate your sinuses and lungs as well.

When should I do a Spring cleanup?

There is no shortage of opinions on when it’s optimal to have a Spring cleanup. It really depends on the scope and goals you have for the Spring cleanup. As the name implies, this work is typically best done in or around Spring, when temperatures are starting to warm up so that garden work can benefit from the thawing soil.

Ideally, you’ll want to schedule your cleanup when it’s no less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit consistently for several days. This ensures that the soil and pollinating insects are not disturbed prematurely. Additionally, you’ll want to allow enough daylight for your hired team to work as effectively and quickly as possible.

However, that’s not to say you have to wait to have junk and debris removed. After all, some of the most common jobs of junk removal are storm debris and tree removal. If your goal is simply for aesthetics and cleanliness, most professional junk haulers operate year-round. In colder months you can even get special deals and faster booking times. What’s more, you can always have multiple cleanups to prep your yard for cleanliness and building readiness.

Junk services like Tyler’s Hauling can easily recommend the best options based on your needs too.

Should I Do A Spring Cleanout Myself?

This depends. If you only have a few branches and bags of leaves that you can drop off via your truck, sure. It’s always possible to clear out the junk and yard waste yourself, but you’ll get more value if you hire a professional team to conduct your Spring Cleanout instead.

Why Use Professionals like Tyler’s Hauling for Your Spring Cleanup?

For one thing, you will save time and hassle in your cleanup. What may take you an entire weekend or days to clean properly, a professional team can finish in a few hours. What’s more, you won’t risk injury. Using a professional junk hauling team like Tyler’s Hauling lets you get faster results that won’t consume your weekend, or force you to take time off of work. Instead, you’ll pay a cost-effective fee to have the Spring cleanup done entirely for you so that you can focus on bigger priorities.

There’s also the matter of effectiveness a professional crew will bring to your Spring cleanup. Depending on what kind of projects or amenities you want to bring to your yard, junk haulers can work in a way to prepare the land for your upcoming renovation or build. Either way, you save more time, effort, and money by having a team do your Spring cleanup. Instead of multiple trips to the dump, we get the job done pretty much in one trip.

What Does A Spring Cleanup Involve?

Spring cleanups involve cleaning up outdoor spaces, whether they are residential or commercial spaces. If you need to remove outside waste, prep your land for renovation, or even just start a garden, you’ll probably have junk or debris in your way. Professional spring cleanups take this on by using professional workers and appropriate equipment to efficiently remove this waste.

That being said, a Spring cleanup can take on many forms and involve an array of jobs you might need, including:

  • Garden clearing
  • Landscaping cleanup
  • Spring landscaping prep
  • Yard debris removal
  • Shrub clearing
  • Fallen tree removal
  • Storm debris removal
  • Backyard junk removal
  • Garage junk hauls
  • Shed teardowns

Cost-Effective Spring Cleanups

If you’re in need of cost-effective, expedient Spring cleanups in Maryland and Pennsylvania, please consider Tyler’s Hauling for your removal needs. You can find all of Tyler’s Hauling service areas on our website. You can call us at (443) 547-1008 or book your free quote here.