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Why Use A Professional Hauling Company Instead of U-Haul for Junk Removal?

It’s summer and you have a major cleanup to do – should you choose to work with a hauling company or rent a U-haul for the job? Well, for starters, one option makes the junk removal process an actual job versus a much more cost-effective service where you do none of the work.
The reality is that U-Haul rentals have many fees and rules that make them highly impractical and even expensive for junk removal. Instead, for the best deal and experience, working with a professional hauling company like Tyler’s Hauling gives you the best of both when it comes to junk removal and cost control. Let’s look at why.

Hauling Company VS U-Haul - Which Is Better?

Ultimately both professional hauling and U-Haul rentals have their purpose. The best solution for you depends on your individual project, budget, and goals of the hauling. Consider how much of your effort and time are invested in the junk removal project for each option, and whether it’s worth the cost.   You’ll probably find that when it comes to junk removal, hiring a hauling company instead of renting a U-Haul offers more benefits and savings to the typical customer. To explain, here’s a breakdown of how these options compare.

DIY Hauling Rental Cost

U-Haul Rental Depending on the amount of junk you’re moving and the truck size required for it, U-Haul rental can be very expensive. Typically U-Haul charges per day for a vehicle as a base fee, but that’s not all. All rentals are also charged a mileage fee along with the base truck rental. Additionally, you’re often required to fuel up the truck before returning it. Already that’s three separate charges for a single job. This is also not counting additional factors like potential dump fees you may have to pay at a landfill, or toll fees if you’re hauling for a long distance. The U-Haul option might be worth the space and protection of items when you’re moving homes, but consider whether that’s something you want to pay just to clear out junk and waste. What’s more, you’re paying for this and still having to do all the work yourself.

Hauling Company

The great thing about professional hauling is that there is only a single fee after the job is done, and no other out-of-pocket expenses. Services like Tyler’s Hualing only charge for the job of picking up and deposing your junk, that’s it. There are no mileage or equipment fees, and typically we operate in one day. You can see already that this is a lot less money to worry about, which is why hiring a hauling company is perfect for various types of junk projects such as spring cleanups. Additionally, hauling companies offer reasonable pricing models based only on the amount of junk you need to be removed. Tyler’s Hauling, in particular, offers a flexible rate starting only at $118 based on the amount of junk you need to be hauled. Let’s face it, if you rent a large U-Haul, depending on your junk amount, you might not even require the entire space. Why pay for what you don’t need? Hauling company fees focus only on charging you for what you actually need to be moved and then removing it all for you – this gives you more value for your spend.

DIY Hauling Takes Effort

U-Haul Rental With U-haul, you’re paying for a container that you’re totally responsible for. It’s on you, and whoever you get to help, to fill the unit with junk, drive the unit to a dump or landfill, unload the truck, and then drive it back. Thdat’s a lot of work for a rate that accounts for mileage and daily rental fees alone. In this scenario, you’re paying for a tool that will help you perform an exhausting and time-consuming task. Additionally, you have to deal with the logistics of picking up, refueling, and dropping off the U-Haul. Suddenly, a junk removal project becomes two separate projects.

Hauling Company

With a professional team of haulers like Tyler’s Hauling, there is no effort on your part. We do all the work for you, just tell us what you need and we take care of the rest. In addition to the labor of moving your junk, we handle all the logistics and planning involved. Once we haul away your junk, that’s it. We take the time to actually drive and deposit the waste for you, while also handling any tolls or dumping fees – which you don’t have to pay for! Instead of dealing with a junk cleanout, a hauling company gives you back convenience and the peace of mind that comes with not having to deal with a U-Haul rental, and the back-and-forth it involves.

DIY Hauling Could Take Much More Time

U-Haul Rental

We’ve all heard that time is money, if you value your time having fun or prioritizing bigger tasks than junk removal, a U-Haul rental might not be the right choice for you. There’s choosing the right kind of truck you need, waiting for availability, picking up the unit, loading it, and depositing your junk at the appropriate location. Already you’ve spent much of your day solely focused on junk removal. Depending on the junk you’re hauling, this task could require multiple days of moving (and money).   Lastly, you still have to return the U-Haul truck and conduct all the closeout procedures. In the end, you’re paying a truck rental and doing several jobs just to complete your single goal. All the while, you’re wasting time best spent focusing on your own priorities instead of junk.

Local Hauling Company

The only time you have to worry about when hiring a hauling company is what to do with yourself while we do the work. The value of professional hauling services is that it’s highly cost-effective in that you pay a reasonable rate for the exact space your junk requires while our team removes the burdens of travel and moving for you. Additionally, because our team is composed of seasoned professionals, we can clear your junk very quickly. This means the junk removal process is highly expedited, instead of you having to dedicate hours and hours of work.
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Tyler's Hauling is Your Cost-Effective Hauling Company

When considering the factors of money, time, and effort, you simply have more to gain by trusting a highly-rated hauling company over U-Haul for your junk removal. At Tyler’s Hauling we not only charge a cost-effective rate free of the unnecessary fees of U-Haul, we provide fast, efficient work that ultimately puts time back into your hands. It all starts with a free quote!